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Technology Identification

Gather technology offers and technology needs in space and non-space industries and communicate these in the vast European network of ESA technology brokers.

Opportunity Scan & Mediation

Identify opportunities for technology transfer by matching technology needs with offers, putting donors and receivers in contact and mediate technology transfer.

Demonstrator Funding

Support transfer of space technology to terrestrial applications where there are strong commercial or societal benefits and there are clear technical risks that can be eliminated.

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Latest News

NIFRO Space Dinner 2017

Spacetransfer was present at Space Dinner 2017 discussing technology transfer with Norwegian space companies with technologies to offer and technological needs to be addressed. Space Dinner is the space industry’s annual conference arranged by NIFRO and is an event where politicians, bureaucrats, space industry leaders and technologists get together to discuss topics relevant to the future of the industry.

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New call for Technology Demonstrator projects coming soon

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A new call for demonstrator projects is on the horizon. Demonstrator projects support the process of technology transfer by providing financial support up to 40.000 Euro to projects where Norwegian companies aim to use space technologies for terrestrial applications. The ESA National Technology Transfer Initiative (NTTI) in Norway is responsible for the call and we

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Norway upholds support for ESA programmes

The Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) decides last minute to uphold Norwegian support for ESA’s optional programmes after a massive effort by the national space industry and politicians fighting the proposed severe cuts. Read more in this article from the Norwegian Space Centre (in Norwegian).

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Zaptec closes €7.5 million deal with Renault

Zaptec continues their successful development of car chargers (previously reported here) and secures a €7.5 million deal with Renault to supply portable chargers for their Zoe line of cars. Read the full ESA article here.

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NTTI Norway and AP Norway host IAP opportunity workshop

NTTI Norway and AP Norway joined forces this April and ran the workshop “Norwegian Space opportunities within the IAP program” aiming to provide help and support in the development of proposals for the ESA ARTES Applications programme. The workshop summary and list of presentations are found here.

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Success story – Zaptec probing Mars and charging cars

Norwegian company Zaptec has developed a small and powerful transformer to be used in car chargers and for drilling into the Mars subsurface. Read more about this success story in this ESA article.

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Demo project article at www.romsenter.no

Spacetransfer’s demonstrator project is covered in the following article at www.romsenter.no

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Spacetransfer in Aftenbladet

Spacetransfer was covered in Aftenbladet 3.2.2014. Read the article at Aftenbladets webpage (subscription required).

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Spacetransfer at UiS news section

Spacetransfer was mentioned in the news section at the webpages for UiS. Read the article here.

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Spacetransfer at NRK Radio

Kristian Bøckman from Spacetransfer was interviewed by NRK Radio in the program Nordpå, listen to the program at NRK’s webpage.

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Spacetransfer at NRK

Kristian Bøckman was interviewed by NRK Nordnytt, read the article at NRK’s website.

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Zaptec goes for both space and green tech

Zaptec has a revolutionary high voltage power technology which they develop for space applications. One of their main concepts is plasma drilling on asteroids. However, Zaptecs first product turned out to be the world’s best charger for electric cars. This is a great example of how challenging specifications of space can twist into favorable solutions

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Technology transfer at Jotne

Spacetransfer was present at NIFRO’s Space Dinner in Oslo February 2014. Jotne presented their use of EDMtruePLM™ for product lifecycle management, originally developed for space purposes. Read more about this technology transfer at Jotne’s webpage.

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Project kick-off

Spacetransfer had a successful kick-off meeting at the Norwegian Space Centre February 10th 2014. Representatives from Prekubator TTO, Kjeller Innovasjon, Norinnova, NTNU Samfunnsforskning – CIRiS, ESA and the Norwegian Space Centre were present.

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