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NIFRO Space Dinner 2017

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Spacetransfer was present at Space Dinner 2017 discussing technology transfer with Norwegian space companies with technologies to offer and technological needs to be addressed. Space Dinner is the space industry’s annual conference arranged by NIFRO and is an event where politicians, bureaucrats, space industry leaders and technologists get together to discuss topics relevant to the future of the industry.

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New call for Technology Demonstrator projects coming soon

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A new call for demonstrator projects is on the horizon. Demonstrator projects support the process of technology transfer by providing financial support up to 40.000 Euro to projects where Norwegian companies aim to use space technologies for terrestrial applications.

The ESA National Technology Transfer Initiative (NTTI) in Norway is responsible for the call and we now pre-emt the call by communicating this notice to anyone interested and have a possible space – non-space technology transfer case. Further information will follow as the call opening approaches.


In order to provide some context, consider the following:

The space industry is a highly technology-driven industry that is responsible for products many of us use in everyday life, ranging from computer microchips to ear thermometers and freeze dried food. From joysticks and smoke detectors to navigation systems, mobile phone networks and internet access everywhere.

Technology transfer is the process of transferring technology from a donor to a receiver and sits at the core of many of the above innovations. Technologies can be transferred from space to non-space industries and the other way around. Engaging in technology transfer can unlock new business opportunities and markets for donors and solve technical challenges faced by receivers, thereby speeding up product development and business growth. Win-win.