Demonstrator Projects


Get funding to demonstrate space technology
for your commercial earthly application


As part of efforts to promote the use of space technologies in ESA Member States, an Open Call for Technology Transfer Proposals has been opened. Validé AS has been entrusted by ESA to set up, implement and manage it. Through this Call, Validé AS invites applicants to request project funding up to 40.000 Euros to develop a “Demonstrator” for the transfer of a space technology into a non-space application. The Technology Transfer Demonstrators are directed specifically towards the determination and elimination of technical risk particular to new terrestrial applications.

The Open Call will award 2 Technology Transfer Demonstrators on the basis of proposals submitted by space and non-space organizations or individuals and is open for Norwegian organizations and individuals. The projects should be executed in maximum 6 months.

Companies who have not yet identified space technologies are encouraged to contact the Spacetransfer team, as the team is available to search for relevant space technologies to cover specific technology challenges.

The Call remains open from October 16th 2017 to March 23rd 2018. During this period two selection campaigns will be run to award a total of two Technology Transfer Demonstrators. The application deadline for the second selection campaign is March 23rd 2018. Proposals should be submitted via Interested companies are encouraged to contact the Spacetransfer team before submitting their proposal.

See the following documents for detailed instructions on how to submit a proposal:


Evaluation process

First all proposals will be checked by an Opening Board, if formal requirements accomplished. When compliant, the Tender Evaluation Board (ESA, VALIDÉ, stakeholders and experts) will evaluate the proposals on the selection criteria. The Board will inform the applicant of the evaluation in writing. The 2 proposals with the highest marks (above 60) will be selected for negotiations.


Evaluation criteria

The proposal shall be evaluated against the criteria and weighting factors, below:

  • Current Development Status has the space technology been developed sufficiently for a technology transfer to non-space application. It is necessary to look both in the TRL in space and the approximate for non-space. High TRL level in space is expected. (15%)
  • Attractiveness of the Non-Space Market an estimate of the size of technology’s final application/market and its potential value in commercial or societal terms. Credibility of the potential access to market will be assessed. (20%)
  • Novelty and Intellectual Property The novelty of the technology in its non-space application and the consequent competitive advantage. The current status of the IPRs and the potential protection of the results. (15%)
  • Project Feasibility An estimate of the likelihood of the Technical Demonstrator achieving its technical objectives in the stated budget and a successful transfer in a reasonable time-frame. Degree of compliance with the time frame proposed in the call. (20%)
  • The need for a Technical Demonstrator The likelihood and expected timing for the technical demonstrator to lead to the engagement of customers with the expected timing and the need of financial support by the Agency. (20%)
  • Degree of compliance with the commitment of a receiver and the donor working together. (10%)


Questions & Answers

A list of Q&As are maintained here.